4 things 'First Timers' MUST do before getting hair extensions

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

From picking the right extensionist to hair quality and correct method is essential for fab natural looking extensions.

1. Find the Right Extensionist

As hair extensions gain popularity so do the amount of people training. Firstly make sure your going with a qualified extensionist, if they are; they will be on the supplier lists of the main hair companies or check to see their certificates and insurance. Newly trained extensionists require practice and experience so dont be afraid to ask how long they have been practising.

Research your extensionist by looking at their facebook, instagram and website pictures showing their previous work and reviews, hair extensions should be seemless. Make sure all the pictures are done in the same style or same place and are not stolen from the internet, you will be surprised how many newly qualified people do this to make it look like they have been practicing for a while.

2. Check its Good Quality Hair

As the saying goes 'Good hair is not Cheap and Cheap hair is not Good' ask the extentionist what brand of hair they use and have a look into the company. Some top brands are Beauty Works, Additional Lengths, Zen, Angel Locks, Easilocks, Hair Rehab and Remi Cachet.The hair is the most expensive part in the cost of hair extensions, you will not get a full head of good quality extensions inc fitting for less than £250, the cost is in the hair. There will be alot of people online offering a full head of extensions for £150 but after the first wash the hair will be unmanagable. Good hair should last between 6-12 months dependent on how you look after it.

3. Able to Cut and Blend

Make sure your extensionist is qualified to cut and blend the extensions into your hair, you should not be able to see a line where your natural hair finishes. Colour should blend and hair should look seamless.

4. Book a Consultation

A consultation will give you the chance to meet the extensionist and for them to take a look at your hair to see if you are suitable for extensions, what method would be best for your hair type, amount needed, what look you are aiming for, the length and advise you on how to maintain extensions and what to expect. You will also then be told the initial costs along with the costs of maintenance appointments. Do not feel pressurised to book at this point but go away and have a think before committing.

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